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"I felt like a feminist, but I felt completely dissed by other feminists, ‘cause they were like, ‘Well, you can’t dress sexy.’ Number one, I’m not dressing sexy - even though I did have my pants open from time to time. But what do you mean? You’re saying women can’t have sex? You don’t tell me that girls don’t get horny and don’t wanna fuck! You know why girls ‘can’t play guitar’ and ‘can’t play rock n roll’? Because rock n roll is sex. That’s what I grew up with, and that’s what I wanted to make. So meeting people like Kathleen [Hanna] and Allison [Wolfe] and all those girls, it was really incredible, because I felt like maybe people were starting to get it."

— Joan Jett on women in rock music and the Riot Grrrl movement (via shehadblondeambition)


icky thump || the white stripes

who’s using who? what should we do?
well you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too



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